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PlantSys is the key

Calling all industries to embrace the business intelligence to intelligent businesses transformation.

The key to true intelligent businesses is to make business intelligence a part of how we think and operate.

In today’s fast-evolving industries, PlantSys stands as a transformative Business Intelligence to Intelligent Business solution, initially designed for energy sector’s automated boiler plants but now looking to revolutionise all manufacturing sectors. It offers complete remote control, real-time process visualisation, and leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for cognitive data capture and analysis, seamlessly integrating with both physical and digital infrastructure for enhanced operational agility, visibility, and efficiency. PlantSys isn’t just a tool; it’s a strategic partner in your digital transformation journey, providing the insights needed for informed decision-making, fostering growth and innovation.

Unprecedented agility, visibility, and efficiency from the CEO’s chair to the production line floor.

Leveraging its seamless integration with both the physical and digital facets of your operations, PlantSys transcends traditional automation by infusing smart data capture and analytics into your workflow. Our intelligent business approach delivers three key benefits:

The insight is in the workflow. Learn from it, control it, own it.

Enhanced operational control

Improved decision-making

Increased efficiency and productivity

Enhanced operational control

PlantSys enables full-control remote operation, allowing businesses to manage and oversee their operations from anywhere, ensuring flexibility and responsiveness in real-time.

Improved decision-making

With its advanced AI and ML capabilities, PlantSys offers deep cognitive data analysis and visualisation, providing the insights necessary for informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Increased efficiency and productivity

By integrating seamlessly with both physical and digital infrastructure and automating workflow processes, PlantSys significantly boosts operational efficiency and productivity across the production line.

Some say advancing the industry transformation requires bigger brains. So, we built one.

A process management system is only as precise and efficient as the quality of data entered into it every day.

Introducing the perfect intelligent business tools to complement the PlantSys solution:

PlantSys Vision Suite

In the quest for operational excellence and seamless digital transformation, the PlantSys solution has been at the forefront, revolutionising how industries approach business intelligence and process automation. To improve this transformation and ensure every aspect of production operates at peak efficiency, we introduce PlantSys Vision suite of supporting ERP applications.

PlantSys around the world

The widespread adoption of PlantSys across global energy plants demonstrates its unparalleled adaptability and effectiveness, establishing it as the ideal solution for industries of all kinds. This universal applicability ensures that any sector seeking to enhance operational efficiency, leverage advanced AI and ML analytics, and achieve significant productivity gains will find PlantSys to be a transformative tool. The success stories from the energy sector serve as a compelling reference point, showcasing the system’s potential to revolutionize operations across the board.

PlantSys and Elvera to collaborate

Network and information services operator | Mikkeli, Finland


Sawmill | Vierumäki, Finland

Our partnership ecosystem

There’s strength in numbers

Behind PlantSys’s success is a robust network of professional companies that not only support but also distribute our solutions globally. This partnership ecosystem is vital, enhancing the reach and implementation of PlantSys across various industries. We’re actively seeking to expand this network with like-minded companies worldwide, inviting those who share our vision for revolutionizing industry operations through advanced digital solutions to join us. If your company is looking to make a significant impact and explore collaborative opportunities, we encourage you to inquire about joining our network. Together, we can set new benchmarks for operational excellence and innovation.